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Solitaire IP Titan Solitaire 6000 Payphone

196.95 (Ex VAT)


The Internet Protocol version of Solitaire 6000 allows connection of the payphone to latest generation sophisticated IP telephone systems. This ensures that customers payphone provision can keep pace with systems technology and also allows IP Solitaire 6000 Payphone owners to access a whole range of IP related features not available on the standard product. IP telephone systems typically provide accurate and comprehensive call usage statistics to allow site owners to monitor closely the cost of calls from the payphone extension and this coupled with trip totaliser and irrevocable grand cash totaliser on the Solitaire 6000 will help finance departments with cost control and budgetting.

All the features of the standard Solitiare Payphones, plus:
• UK's first ever IP Payphone
• Connect your Solitaire 6000 to VoIP Systems
• Access fixed fee call packages
• Return missed calls
• Prevent anonymous calls
• Block caller ID
• Divert incoming calls to another IP extension
• Call waiting indication (tone based)
• Do not Disturb
• Distinctive Ringing
• Off-hook Warning Tone
• Speed dialing of 8 numbers
• Simple owner setup guide
• Requires mains power supply