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Samsung Telephone Systems

Samsung 600V3 Repeater 4 Channel Multi Manufacturer Part: S13879

Repeater Station for the 600 V3 DECT

4 Channel

Samsung 600V3 Repeater 4 Channel Multi  Manufacturer Part: S13879

226.94 (Ex VAT)

Samsung 8630 DECT Base Station - Manufacturer Part: NET-BL-A071/uk

Samsung DECT is available in a variety of configurations with the ability to provide a mobility solution to meet your organisation's needs. Samsung SME IP DECT 8630 is the simplest and most effective way to implement mobility within your office environment offering connectivity to your Samsung solution for up to 200 mobile staff.

Up to 200 handsetsUp to 10 similtaneous calls per base stationUp to 40 base stationsHandsets can be paired with another extension on the systemHandsets can be assigned to station groups (sequential and distributed ring mode)Simple web browser configuration interface IP connectivity to give the greatest flexibility and functionalityDECT GAP / CAP / CAT-iq Basestation Wideband Voice (HDSP) Basic and Extended 12 Slot radio with up to 10 voice channels active Worldwide Radio power levels / frequency bands
Scalable system from 1 to 40 bases in same network Power over Ethernet Over the Air synchronization
Support software download to wireless terminals LED status indication Seamless handover

Samsung 8630 DECT Base Station - Manufacturer Part: NET-BL-A071/uk

207.37 (Ex VAT)

Samsung 8630 Sme IP DECT Handset - Manufacturer Part: NET-BL-A072-uk

In a wireless communication system the handset makes all the difference between success and failure. The Samsung DECT 8630 Handset has been specifically designed to combine enhanced voice quality with ease of use and elegant design.
Samsung 8630 handset integrates with the Samsung range of communications solutions to provide an advanced range of features you would expect from a digital keyphone.
With an intuitive LCD screen and simple menu-driven navigation the Samsung 8630 handset also offers a range of features including personal phonebook, vibrate alert, roaming, auto login, silent mode, redial function and microphone mute to name but a few.
Wideband Audio (G.722) 2 TFT display with graphical user interface 176 x 220 pixel 262K colour
Well-proven graphical MMI with wallpapers Polyphonic ringtones Phonebook: 200 central and 100 local entries GAP and CAT-iq compliant
Headset connector (3.5mm) SW upgrade over-the-air Wideband two-way speaker phone mode Vibrate alertBATTERY LIFE:Talk time: 18 hours Standby: 200 hours

Samsung 8630 Sme IP DECT Handset - Manufacturer Part: NET-BL-A072-uk

162.30 (Ex VAT)

Samsung D5000 DECT Phone Charger - Manufacturer Part: S13841

Charger for the Samsung D5000 DECT cordless phone

Samsung D5000 DECT Phone Charger - Manufacturer Part: S13841

10.49 (Ex VAT)

Samsung DECT 5000 Belt Clip - Manufacturer Part: S13806

Samsung Dect 5000 Belt Clip

Belt clip supplied
Handset not included

9.69 (Ex VAT)

Samsung DECT 5000 Leather Cover - Manufacturer Part: S13807

Leather cover supplied
Handset not included

17.94 (Ex VAT)

Samsung DECT 5020 Leather Case/Clip - Manufacturer Part: S13866

Leather case with belt clip for a Samsung DECT 5020

17.94 (Ex VAT)

Samsung DECT 600 V3 Multicell License - Manufacturer Part: S13876

License for the DECT 600 V3 Multicell

170.98 (Ex VAT)

Samsung DECT 600V3 PSU - Manufacturer Part: S13881

PSU for the Samsung Dect 600v3 Multi Cell range

Single PSU

17.19 (Ex VAT)

Samsung DECT 600V3 Repeater 2 Channel - Manufacturer Part: S13877

Repeater Station for the DECT 600 V3

2 Channel

148.18 (Ex VAT)

Samsung DECT 600V3 Single Cell Starter Pack - Manufacturer Part: S13890

The Samsung DECT 600v3 Single Cell Starter Pack contains a DECT 600v3 Base Station / Control Unit, 2 DECT Repeaters (4 ch, Single Cell), 2 Power Supply Units (for the Repeaters), 8 DECT5020 Handsets, 8 chargers, 8 Power Supply Units (for the Handsets) and 8 System SIP Licenses.

DECT 600v3 Base Station / Control Unit
DECT Repeater (4 ch, Single Cell) - 2
Power Supply Units (Repeaters) - 2
DECT5020 Handsets - 8
Chargers - 8
Power Supply Units (Handsets) - 8
System SIP Licenses - 8

2,179.71 (Ex VAT)

Samsung Metal Belt Clip For 13866 - Manufacturer Part: S13865

Metal Belt Clip For 13866

Belt clip

11.30 (Ex VAT)

Samsung PSU For D5000 Charger - Manufacturer Part: S13842

Samsung PSU for the D5000 DECT phone charger

9.45 (Ex VAT)

Samsung PSU For D5020 Charger - Manufacturer Part: S13885

PSU for Samsung D5020 Charger

Single PSU

9.69 (Ex VAT)

Samsung Smt R2000 Access Point 2ND Generation - Manufacturer Part: S17593

Samsung SMT R2000 Wireless IP Access Point 2nd Generation it is compatible with the whole OfficeServ 7000 telephone system range.

SMT R2000 Wireless IP Access Point 2nd Generation

253.92 (Ex VAT)

Samsung W5120 Wireless IP Handset - Manufacturer Part: S17596

The Samsung Wireless IP solution lets you use mobile data devices like laptops, and PDAs as well as mobile Wi-Fi handsets on the same wireless network. Now you can stay in touch wherever you are, no longer tied to your desk, waiting for that important call. Ideal for senior managers and mobile employees, you are more in touch with your business, more responsive to customers and, if needed, your office calls can be more discrete.The Samsung Wireless IP handset SMT-W5120 is a fully integrated extension of the host system and delivers all of the features and functionality your business requires. In addition it also provides functionality normally associated with a mobile phone, with a large screen, internal number memory, called number list, calendar function, campus mobility, stylish design and much more.

Mobile Phone Functionality
Large Screen
Internal Number Memory
Called Number List
Calendar Function
Campus Mobility
Stylish Design

186.99 (Ex VAT)