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TANGO44/5M/LL/SMAM/S/S/19 Antenna 4G/LTE with SMAM connector

24.95 (Ex VAT)


LTE frequency bands
80mm diameter IP67 bolt through package
Very wide operating temp range
1-4dBi gain
Low loss cable
Robust construnction
RoHS compliant
The Tango 44 is the latest in our range of 80mm puck style weatherrproof antennas. Very similar to the Tango 11A GPRS / UMTS and Tango 23 Wifi antennas. The style, shape, performance and durability of this antenna style continues here with the LTE version in the Tango 44.

The Tango 44 family covers the most popular LTE bands with its 700- 960MHz band along with the 1575 - 2700MHz band. This makes the Tango 44 a universal antenna for GSM as it covers all the 2G and 3G bands as well. The gain is maximised at the upper frequencies at 4dBi. The Tango 44 is also available in white to special and minimum order.