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2N BRI Enterprise UMTS 3G Gateway 2XUC864-G - MPN: 5022062E

599.95 (Ex VAT)


The 2N BRI Enterprise offers the same features as the 2N BRI Lite. In addition, you don't need an extra port on your PBX with the DialTru function. You can use the gateway as a cost saving solution or as an ISDN back-up line. If an ISDN connection to the operator is lost, then the 2N BRI Enterprise can reroute calls to GSM, UMTS or VoIP networks.
•DialThru function
•Web interface
•SNMP monitoring
•Saving CDR and SDR
•Least Cost Routing
•Free minute counter
•2 GSM/UMTS channels and VoIP
•Mobility Extension
•Auto CLIP Routing
•SMS at no answer
•Sending/recieving SMS
•Email to SMS/SMS to email
•ISDN line monitoring with SMS alert