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Konftel 50 Audio Conference Unit

174.95 (Ex VAT)


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Key Business Application
The Konftel 50 is a multi-purpose conferencing unit for use at your desk or in small meetings of up to eight people.
Target Users
Those looking for a good value, small scale conferencing system, with useful features and excellent sound quality.
Product Description
The Konftel 50's perfect sound quality make it a great choice for meetings. It's a portable unit, so it's ideal if you want to take your conference call from your own desk, but it's high sound quality makes it equally successful in smaller meeting rooms. It's compatible with internet, digital (DECT) and mobile phone systems, and it can be also used with a headset, for maximum flexibility.
Benefits to Users
Great sound quality for crystal-clear conference calls.
You can use it at your desk as well as in small meeting rooms.
Highly versatile - you can use it with internet, mobile and digital phone systems.
Perfect for up to eight users.
The unit's perfect sound quality makes this the smarter way to hold meetings. The Konftel 50 is a flexible unit - perfect for efficient audio conferences from your desk or in smaller meeting rooms. Connects to IP, system, DECT and mobile phones. Will also connect to computers.
Practical conference unit for the office - OmniSound - crystal clear sound - Natural sound - in both directions (full duplex) - Portable - simple to connect and use - Requires no dedicated telephone line or subscription - Connects to most IP, system, DECT and mobile phones - Can also be connected to your telephone or computer using IP telephony - Keypad with volume, mute and trimming buttons - Compatible with telephone features, ie three-way calling - Can be used together with a headset - 2 year warranty

Konftel 50 Audio Conference Unit Specification

Simple connection to a telephone, mobile or PC

Crystal clear sound - OmniSoundTM

Natural sound in both directions (full duplex)

Simple to connect and use

No extra phone line is required

Keypad for volume, mute and adjustment

For connecting to all types of system telephone

Also connects to your GSM or DECT telephone - by connecting a special cable (optional) meetings can be held via GSM or DECT

For connection to PC/mac for IP telephony

Can be used in conjunction with a headset Ideal for up to 6 people