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UNIFY OpenScape Desk Phone CP400T - Digital phone - black L30250-F600-C436

213.81 (Ex VAT)


The OpenScape Desk Phone CP400T is considered as the phone for the standard office workplace. The device itself already provides 16 freely programmable function keys with colored LED (green) status indication, three of these keys are pre-assigned with the functions message, redial and disconnect. The paper label reduces the costs and takes into account the customer's request for many keys. The OpenScape Desk Phone CP400T uses the standard Key Modules KM400, which were already introduced with the OpenScape Desk Phone IP portfolio. It can be extended with up to two Key Modules KM400. This gives users direct and quick access to their functions-, name- or linekeys.

  • Tiltable graphical display, 3,7 (240x120 pixel), monochrome
  • LED backlight (white)
  • Notification LED
  • 4 context sensitive soft keys with LED (green)
  • 2 fixed feature keys (Menu/Call Forwarding)
  • 16 free programmable feature keys with LED (green)
  • 4-way navigator, plus OK-key
  • 3 audio keys (Mute/Speaker/Headset) with LED (red or green)
  • Volume control +/-
  • Open listening / Handsfree talking (Full-duplex)