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Telecom FM GSM Route BRI - 2 Channel ISDN2 GSM Gateway

369.95 (Ex VAT)


Telecom FM GSM Route BRI - 2 Channel ISDN2 GSM Gateway for connection to ISDN2 trunk of PBX
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Telecom FM GSM Route BRI - 2 Channel ISDN2 GSM Gateway Specification

The telecom FM GSM Route BRI connects to the ISDN2e port of a telephone system and allows extension users to make calls directly to the GSM Mobile Phone Network.

The GSM Route BRI can take 2 SIM cards allowing 2 simultaneous phone calls to/from the mobile phone network - the unit comes pre-configured to route all calls sent to the unit via SIM 1 or SIM 2 so can also be used as a back up in the case of ISDN Line failure.

This unit cannot be configured by the end user, but has been designed as an entry level ISDN to GSM gateway that will connect to a spare ISDN2e port on a PBX for calls to the GSM Network - The only programming that needs to be done is on the phone system so that users can select the ISDN trunk this unit is connected to for Mobile calls - or programmed in the LCR table for automatic routing of 07 numbers.

TelecomFM's new GSM-Route has been developed to enable major mobile carriers and resellers to convert outgoing and incoming calls from fixed line to mobile, thus enabling end customers to take advantage of cost savings.

The GSM-Route will operate intelligently - routing calls to the most cost effective networks without the need for dedicated PBX ports or extra PBX programming.

The GSM-Route may be used as a wireless local loop, removing the need for fixed analogue lines.

The GSM-Route is compact,versatile and reliable, and offers cost effectiveness in a competitive market.

As with all TelecomFM's products the GSM-Route can constantly be upgraded via the TelecomFM Digital Management Centre, so keeping it in line with market conditions and maintaining the competitive edge for our customers.