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Storacall Attachments VR200E Voice Recorder

625.50 (Ex VAT)


Storacall Attachments VR200E Voice Recorder Specification

Storacall Attachments VR200E Voice Recorder

Part number: VR200
Colour: Black
Warranty: 1 Year
The VR200 is a dual cassette system for recording telephone conversations. It offers businesses and commercial organisations the facility to record a large volume of calls over one, two or more lines and can be used in parallel for larger installations. The VR200 comes with easy-to-use features including dual tape speed, volume control, LED index counter for each deck and a programmable talking clock that stamps the time and date after every conversation. For linked systems, when both tapes are full, the unit will automatically transfer calls to the next VR200, making the system ideal for banks, building societies, insurance companies and other financial institutions where the veracity of a call can be legally crucial.

Key Features:
Twin standard cassette recording system
Upto 6 hours continuous recording time
Can link up to four units
Auto manual or continuous mode
Standard or half speed selector
LED tape counter and record level indicator
Search facility
Built in speakers enables realtime monitoring
Supplied with 2 C90 cassettes