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UNIFY Gigaset Openstage M3 Handset L30250-F600-C400

364.00 (Ex VAT)


Siemens Unify Gigaset Openstage M3 Handset L30250-F600-C400
The OpenStage M3 DECT handsets are a family of wireless devices designed to perform in harsh environments. The family comes with variants covering different alarm options and also use in potentially explosive environments where moisture, dirt, shocks or high ambient noises could compromise communication quality. With its device protection class of IP65 it suited perfectly for these scenarios. Although the OpenStage M3 family is designed for these environmental conditions, it looks exquisite with its large 1.8” TFT color display and with an up to date user interface. As well as great style, it offers optimum functionality, with excellent voice quality optimized for noisy environments, Bluetooth interface and its black/silver color.
•Multi-DECT system capability option for parallel registration of the OpenStage M3 up to four DECT systems
•Seamless connection Handover during a call
•Bearer handover in case of disturbances
•Display message when leaving the radio network
•Integrated basic alarming functionality