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Siemens HiPath Cards, Parts, Accessoies & Add Ons

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UNIFY Connecting Cord 6m Mw6/mw8 (Rj11/rj45) L30251-F600-A311

2.52 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Lan Cable (Cat6) 6m L30250-F600-C272

15.59 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Osbiz System Software L30251-U600-A935

63.03 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Openscape Branch 50/250 Server L30220-D600-A567

611.43 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Openscape Branch V8 Documentation Cd L30220-D600-A660

10.40 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Openscape Branch V8 Reg Line Lic L30220-D622-A662

10.40 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Openscape Branch V8 Auto Attendant Lic L30220-D622-A664

55.47 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Openscape Sbc V8 Session Lic L30220-D622-A682

17.34 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Osee V8 Demo Lic Sw Only L30220-D622-A742

6,378.75 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Cord 6m Mw6 L30250-F600-A592

1.89 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Cord 6m Mw Vdo4 L30250-F600-A593

1.89 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Oscc Enterprise V8 Software Cd L30280-A600-A178

12.61 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Oscc Enterprise V8 Callbk Lic L30280-A622-A158

220.62 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Oscc V8 Routing System Lic L30280-A622-A164

2,458.32 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Outdoor Housing Dect Base Station L30280-B600-B212

314.54 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY 10m Open-ended Cable L30251-U600-A251

64.50 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Mdf Cable 10m 1su - Open End L30251-U600-A67

42.53 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY 16-pair Splitting Strip L30251-U600-A69

42.53 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY 25-pair Jumper Strip L30251-U600-A70

6.30 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Surge Protector Set (10 Pieces) L30251-U600-A262

44.12 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Ground/earth Line 3m L30251-U600-A75

1.89 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Ground/earth Line 10m L30251-U600-A73

8.20 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Cablu With External Mdf L30251-C600-A79

52.79 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Cablu 16-pair/3m/short Stripper L30251-U600-A354

51.22 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Cablu 24-pair/3m/long Stripper L30251-U600-A357

56.73 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Mdf Cable 20m/16-pair/1su Open End L30251-U600-A68

46.01 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Bsip1 Base Station Licence L30280-F600-A185

126.07 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Hipath Cordless Ip V1 Server Licence L30280-F600-A186

1,509.66 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Hipath Cordless Ip V1 Software Cd L30280-F600-A187

7.56 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Mediatrix 4402 - 2 Port S0 Interface L30220-D600-A165

390.50 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Sw Base Package L30250-U622-B490

755.78 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Sw 10 Ip User Package L30250-U622-B496

293.11 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Sw 40 Ip User Package L30250-U622-B493

1,102.47 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Sw 10 Tdm User Package L30250-U622-B494

233.22 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY 40 40 Tdm User Package L30250-U622-B491

881.84 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Optipoint Wl2 Desktop Charger Inc. Psu S30852-H1526-L112

5.63 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Isdn 30 Pri B Channel Licence L30250-U622-B336

36.53 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Hipath 4000 V6 Flex Licence L30220-Y622-A861

98.46 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Hipath Os Access 500i L30220-Y600-G951

3,655.96 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Oscc Enterprise V8 1 Port Call Lic L30280-A622-A187

289.96 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Ssp For Oscc Enterprise 1 Port Call Lic L40280-A622-A187

52.19 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Softgate 500 Application V6 Lic L30220-Y622-A965

1,733.43 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Ozbiz V7 Reg Lic L30220-D622-A622

10.40 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Hg 3500 V4 (60 Channels)provided Locally L30220-Y600-K415

197.93 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Redundant Power Supply Hipath 4500 L30220-Y601-G200

5.30 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY 1 Day Cc Design Workshop 1 DAY CC WORKSHOP

871.88 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Spare Openscape Ip Handset 35g 55g V38140-H-X134

4.21 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Hg3500 V4 (Max. 60 Channels) L30220-Y600-A415

3,277.76 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Dvd For Ms Server 2012 R2 Telco L30280-D600-F795

20.80 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Oscc Agile V9 - 1 Callback User Licence L30280-A622-B138

54.83 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Oscc Agile V9 - 1 User Licence L30280-A622-B131

132.37 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Oscc Agile V9 - 1 Manager Agile Licence L30280-A622-B136

225.02 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Oscc Agile V9 - 1 Agent Portal Licence L30280-A622-B132

153.80 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Oscc Agile V9 - Base Package L30280-A622-B130

1,827.98 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Oscc Agile V9 - Software Cd L30280-A600-B139

12.61 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Ssp R 8x5 Oscc Agile V9 - Base Package L41280-A622-B130

402.15 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Ssp R 8x5 Oscc Agile V9 - 1 User License L41280-A622-B131

29.12 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Ssp R 8x5 Oscc Agile V9 -1 Agent Portal L41280-A622-B132

33.84 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Ssp R 8x5 Oscc Agile V9 -1 Manager Agile L41280-A622-B136

49.51 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Ssp R 8x5 Oscc Agile V9 - 1 Callback Lic L41280-A622-B138

27.73 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Hspr 8x5 Sp Xmu+ Announcement Unit U43280-A600-A22

363.58 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Osbiz Base Incl Sip Trunks L30250-U622-B689

69.33 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Osbiz X1 Base Incl Sip Trunks L30250-U622-B690

20.80 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Sspr8x5 Osbiz Ip User L41250-U622-B642

28.35 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Hspr 8x5sp Sbx Ansagegert 8 U43280-A600-A26

140.21 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Openscape 4000 V7 Flex Licence L30220-Y622-A921

89.51 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Replacement Uacd Solution L30220-Y600-G134

2,351.16 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Migration to Os4000 V7 Basic Sspv2 L30280-D622-H957

312.02 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Mig For C/lee E V3 to Os4000 V7 Flex L30280-D622-H914

32.23 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Installation Kit M For Hipath 4000 L30220-Y600-M23

2,773.49 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Upgrade V5 Comscendo to Os4000 V7 Flex L30280-D622-H852

16.11 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Upgrade For Os X Base V5/6 to V7 L30280-D622-H820

18.91 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Upgrade For Os X Voice From V6 to V7 L30280-D622-H821

3.31 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Upgrade For X Voice From V5 to V7 L30280-D622-H823

4.96 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Upgrade For Os X Unified User V6 to V7 L30280-D622-H822

11.86 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Openscape 4000 Ecoserver Simplex L30220-Y600-G315

4,727.53 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Ssp For Os4000 V7 Flex Lic L40220-Y622-A921

16.11 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Ssp For Oscc-e V3 Base Prof Lic L40258-W622-D300

113.46 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Openscape 4000 Ecoserver Duplex L30220-Y600-G316

4,727.53 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Ssp For Oscce-v3 Con Prof Lic L40258-W622-D301

399.38 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Survivability Unit For Ap3700ip L30220-Y600-G258

3,025.62 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Oscc-e V3 Mig Ac Win to Con Prof L30258-W622-D383

1,411.95 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Os X V7 Sw Inc Doc Usb Stick L30280-D600-D50

55.47 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Upgrade From Oscar Pro V3 to Pro 300 V4 L30280-D600-A186

3,709.54 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Upgr From Mail/phone Serial to Espa-x L30280-D600-A188

1,483.82 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Oscar Pro 300 Update Protection Key L30280-D600-A115

412.25 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY HiPath Open Office GMSA Gateway BRI/ALOG L30250-U600-A353

326.25 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Suse Sles 1 Year Upgrade Lic Appl L30280-D622-H218

213.05 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Openscape Voice V7 Suse Upgrade 1 Year L30220-D622-A476

213.05 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Xpr V7 Voice 1 User L30280-D622-D58

41.60 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Xpr V7 Voice 100 User L30280-D622-D59

2,773.49 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Osb V7 Documentation Cd L30220-D600-A620

10.40 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Ssp Renewal Promotion 24 Months L40250-U622-B686

7.56 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Openscape Branch 50i Dp14e Server L30220-D600-A563

1,134.61 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Ssp Openscape Communication Server Lic L40280-D622-C647

87.24 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Ssp Openscape Instant Meeting Base Pkg L40280-D622-C630

111.08 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Ssp For Openscape Instant Meeting 1 Room L40280-D622-C632

77.75 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY OpenStage 40 - T L30250-F600-C111

154.43 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY OpenStage 20 - T L30250-F600-C150

111.67 (Ex VAT)

UNIFY Upgrade From H4k Incl Ssp V2 Lic L30280-D622-H851

18.11 (Ex VAT)

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