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Siemens Gigaset SL3 Professional

129.95 (Ex VAT)


See SL4 as Replacement Product **

Gigaset SL3 Professional is a stylish compact high-tech handset which uses the digital DECT/GAP standard. It is small and light while offering excellent audio quality as well as an exclusive design. It has a feature scope comparable to that of a corded system telephone. Suitable for HPS (HiPath Positioning System) - Illuminated keypad including navigation area - Illuminated graphical display - Display in idle state - Media pool - Phone book with up to 250 entries for all directories - Messages signalling - Calls signalling - Handset lock with 4-digit PIN - Headset connection - PC interface - PC application - Multi-cell capability - Multi-DECT system capability - Accept/reject call (HiPath Cordless Office) - Quick access to functions and numbers via programmable keys - Automatic number redial, up to 10 automatic dial attempts - Full duplex hands-free talking - System speed dial, central and individual - Mobile phone call-by-call list - Speaker call (HiPath Cordless Enterprise only) - Encryption/decryption in accordance with the DECT standard - Standby time approx. 200 hours and talk time approx. 10 hours

Siemens Gigaset SL3 Professional Specification

Gigaset S3 Professional is a telephone system based on the DECT and GAP standards for connection to the analogue interface of the following HiPath systems: HiPath 580 HE600S.10.73 or later, HiPath 3000 V 7.0 R1.3.000 or later and HiPath 4000 V 2.0 R12.0.0 or later.

Gigaset S300 professional is a desktop device with a cradle for the Gigaset SL3 professional handset. Excellent voice quality and high immunity to eavesdropping are prominent features of this system.
Log on of up to six handsets possible
Multiple handset logons on up to four base stations
Ergonomic design; cradle for handset Gigaset S3 professional in the base station
Free calls between handsets using the Internet
External calling with another handset
Four simultaneous calls (2 external and 2 internal)
Selective call transfer between handsets
Internal handset can also switch to existing or external connection
Selective call transfer means calls can be transferred from one handset to another (external call transfer with consultation option)
Ringtone assignment means the following settings are possible: to one or more handsets; simultaneously to all handsets (collective call); priority for one handset, then application of collective call
Calling between base station and handset or handsets (paging)
External calls can be monitored on an other handset
Charging of Gigaset S3 professional in the base station cradle