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Scope Datapage Lite MPN:DPLITEUK

249.95 (Ex VAT)


Manufacturer Code : DPLITEUK

The unit is equipped with a 2 line backlit display featuring user friendly prompts to guide the operator through the system. All parameters can be programmed and customised using a discreet password entered via the keyboard. DataPage Lite is a numeric paging unit system which can accommodate up to 9999 pager identities without requiring any expansion or modification. Pagers are equipped with at least 4 identities as standard. This allows them to be called individually, in selected groups, or globally at any time.

•Easy to set up & easy to use
•Can call up to 9999 individual pagers
•Reliable & hard wearing
•Compact & stylish desktop unit
•'Over-the-air' pager switch off function
•Supplied with P.S.U. & aerial assembly

Scope Datapage Lite MPN:DPLITEUK Specification

Easy to set up and easy to use
Reliable and hard wearing
Choice of numeric or alphanumeric (serial port and Page Link Pro software required)
100,000 sq.ft. normal range or more depending on environment
External aerial and optional power amplifiers (Standard paging license applies when used with power amplifier, reached with standard helical aerial. Range can be increased further by using a more efficient aerial or optional power amplifier,
Accessible by keypad, phone or Windows compatible PC (serial option only; Page Link software required)
Two remote switch triggers
Quality brand name components
(see BELOW for available models)Numeric or alphnumeric pagers can be accessed from the keypad, telephone or Windows compatible PC. Pager numbers can be configured with telephone exts. and it is possible to activate a specific pager from a triggerswitch such as a doorbell or alrm. With the DTMF option you can link any phone helped by a series of tone prompts