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Retell Ltd Advanced Call Recording Software

196.95 (Ex VAT)


High quality digital recording direct to the individual's PC hard disk
• Compatible with all handsets that unplug (RJ11)
• Automatic voice activation (VOX) or manual recording
• Easy search by time, date call duration
• Add notes to each recording - search by key words
• Save recordings to individual named files
• Highly compressed files for up to 200hrs capacity per Gb
• Calls are encrypted
• Network ready - archive calls to a server for multi-desk applications
• Recorded calls can be emailed
• Connects easily via curly handset cord
• Supplied with intelligent recording interface for near perfect balanced recordings
• Windows 98, 00, ME, XP Vista compatible

Retell Ltd Advanced Call Recording Software Specification

ReTell Professional Call Recording Software 957PRO

Colour: CD ROM
Warranty: 1 Year

Software for almost unlimited call recording direct to the hard disk of a PC.Easy search for recorded calls at the click of a mouse button. Save & e-mail recordings via wave file. Easy connection to PC using WatsonLinc Pro via microphone in port. Extensive note taking facility

Key Features:
Records telephone calls onto PC hard drive - 0
Recording capacity up to - 800 hours
Logs time/date/duration & reference - 0
Handset connector for us with many office handsets
Automatic voice activated recording - 0
Instant access to each call
Reference & note recording facility
Recordings can be e-mailed
Optional database integration
Includes hardware, software and connecting cables
Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP compatible
Connects via microphone & speaker port