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Panasonic KX-TVP50E

629.99 (Ex VAT)


Panasonic KX-TVP50E Specification

2 port connection

2 hours system recording time

Increase to 4 hours recording time with KX-TVP52 expansion card

32 mailboxes (max)

Maximum message length 1-6 minutes

100 messages per mailbox (maximum)

Intelligent auto attendant

Interview service

Up to 2 TVP50s can be used on the KX-TA624. Contact technical support for further information.

Integrates with KX-TA624, KX-TD816 or KX-TD1232

Features timed message delivery to any number Enhanced integration with KX-TD816 and KX-TD1232 provides special features:

Automatic configuration, Live call screening

Two way recording, Intercom paging