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Orchid Key phone for KS416 / KS832

92.95 (Ex VAT)


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The Key Phone KP416 is designed for connection to the Orchid Key System KS416; giving the user a visual indication of which lines and extensions are ringing or in use. The key phone gives you the traditional Switchboard functions and can be ideal for when one or more companies or departments are sharing an office facility. The Key Phones simplify call handling with Call on Hold, Call on Hold Reminder, Speakerphone, Phonebook Memories, Caller Display, Paging and many more features. The Key Phone has a large 3.5" green LCD with multi-angle tilt selection and Headset Socket. The Key Phone is simple to install and automatically registers to the key system – no special programming required. The KP416 has 4 line LED's and 16 extension LED's.
• Large 3.5” Green LCD
• Multi-angle tilt selection
• All extensions and lines in use LED’s
• One Touch Line and Extension Keys (DSS)
• All lines can be put on hold, with Call on Hold reminder
• Speakerphone
• Mute
• Redial
• Headset Compatible
• 64 Phonebook memories
• 12 Speed Dial Memories
• Caller Display, also linked to Phonebook entries
• Incoming and Outgoing call logs
• Auto Extension Registration
• 8 Ring Melodies
• Volume Control
• Internal SMS function
• Paging
• Date and Time displayed
• Navigation wheel
• Alarm Clock
• Do Not Disturb
• Easy Installation
• CE & RoHS Compliant
Available in Black or Cream