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NEC My Calls Licence Admin Fee 991992-5

239.56 (Ex VAT)


  • Encourages effective staff training that callers receive highest levels of service
  • Facilitates audit trails
  • Ensures compliance with specific industry regulation
  • Helps resolve customer & staff disputes
  • Calls are encrypted - they cannot be tampered with or altered & therefore can stand up as evidence in court
  • Calls can be archived
  • Calls are compressed at a ratio of 1GB for 100 hours of recording
  • Specific extensions, DDI's, ACD Groups, Users, Callers or Call Types can be excluded from being recorded if need be
  • Recorded files can be exported as WAV or WMA
  • Calls are streamed from server to the client PC
  • Calls can be saved to a folder location
  • All calls are backed up to DVD
  • Calls recorded in stereo to allow the person listening to the call determine who said what
  • Easy to Install
  • Simple End User operation & no expensive training is required