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MT350 Follow Me GSM Gateway

164.95 (Ex VAT)


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MT350 Follow Me GSM Gateway Specification

1. Conversion of wire & wireless communication
2. Auto-select economic route
3. Code Conversion Setting :Through the connection towards local PSTN line, the phone calls will proceed with code-transfer dialing process.
4. Vocal volume modulating system
5. Set the Allow-to-Dial Code (GSM Prefix No.Setting (50 sets))
6. Set GSM dial-out code amount
7. Polarity reversing function
8. Definition of DTMF reversing signal
9. Limit of communicating time
10. GSM function of dialing out the prompt voice
11. When not connecting to Telephone Office line, GSM will provide the forced dial-out function
12. Set up GSM extra dialing local code
13. Set up extra dialing local-code to PSTN
14. GSM simulated echo-bell-sound function
15. GSM isn’t ready, call will be forced to dial out from PSTN
16. Call-transfer: (Only dual band) , Tri band and MT-350S don't have this function.
- PSTN to GSM:
An incoming call of PSTN will be transferred to specify GSM no.
- GSM to PSTN:
1. GSM in PSTN out, give you a prompt "du" and you can enter any destination
2.An incoming call of GSM will be transferred to specify PSTN no.

17.. GSM Frequency bands:
Dual band:900/1800MHZ
Tri band:900/1800/1900MHZ