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Hellermann Tyton Coolport - Ethernet, 2x Voice(digital) +Kit CP3/1DA/2DV KIT BLUE

37.50 (Ex VAT)


The Blue Coolport is a 3 port outlet (1 x data + 2 x voice) which connects to one 4-pair cable. Kit comes complete with 3 x 6 patch (launch) leads and 3 x 2 m patch cords

  • Maximise the number of devices available using existing Category-5 cabling system
  • Operate up to 3 services per single 4 pair data cable
  • Enables rapid equipment deployment is disaster recovery situations
  • Reduces disruption during network expansion
  • Provides added capacity in difficult to cable buildings
  • Plug and play installation (jacj to jack patch leads)
  • Either 10/100Base T (ethernet), 2Pr voice (analogue), 1Pr voice (digital)
  • IDC blocks suitable for permanent installation alternativeKit options Include the following:
  • Purple/Red supplied with 2 x 6 launch leads, 2 x 2m patch cords, 2 fixing pads
  • Blue/Amber supplied with same as above plus an additional patch cord