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Gigaset N720 IP PRO Cordless Dect Cell S30852-H2314-R101

301.00 (Ex VAT)


Professional Cordless VoIP solutions serving 1 to 100 users Small Business through to large scale Enterprise/Campus solutions The Gigaset N720 System comprises two component parts: N720 DM PRO DECT Manager (Central Control Unit): 1x required per installation. PSU not included. N720 IP PRO BaseStation (DECT Cell which supports up to 8 concurrent calls): 1-20 required per installation. Deployed to provide DECT coverage wherever cordless telephony is required. PSU not included. Connect up to 100 handsets selected from a wide range of attractive but durable, cost effective models to suit the specific role & requirements of each User. The system ensures fully featured, crystal clear wireless mobility with seamless in-call handover when roaming between cells. N720 is a cost effective solution ensuring staff in small, medium businesses & large enterprises are always reachable even when they are away from their desk.

  • System may be connected to either on-site IP-PBX or Hosted PBX service provided by ITSP
  • Up to 100 users/handsets/SIP accounts
  • Up to 30 concurrent calls system-wide
  • 1 to 20 BaseStations/cells are deployed to provide coverage wherever cordless telephony is required
  • Seamless in-call handover between BaseStations when correctly positioned (DECT survey recommended)
  • Up to 8 concurrent calls per BaseStation (G.711 codec)
  • Exceptional HD audio with HDSP
  • (G.722 codec)
  • LDAP corporate directory access
  • Professional zero-touch auto-provisioning setup (when behind Gigaset PBX and other compatible PBXs)
  • Broadsoft & Asterisk certified & compatible with a wide range of established VoIP providers & IP-PBXs
  • Compatible with multiple Gigaset handsets: C610H, E49H, S810H, SL400H & SL610H PRO
  • Minimum requirement for N720 installation is one each of N720 DECT Manager & N720 IP BaseStation
  • PoE support (PSU not included, may be ordered separately)
  • A DECT survey using the N720 SPK is recommended to determine correct location and quantity of BaseStations.