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Gigaset N300a Ip Dect Base Station S30852-H2234-L101

60.00 (Ex VAT)


The Gigaset N300A IP is an easy-to-configure hybrid DECT IP base station for both landline and VoIP calls plus an answering machine. It supports up to 4 parallel calls, 6 different lines, and 6 compatible Gigaset handsets. With a maximum of 30 minutes of recording time, the answering machine ensures that all messages are received. And HD sound with HDSP technology means internet calls sound more like face-to-face conversations. ECO DECT s energy-saving technology makes the Gigaset N300A IP an environmentally-friendly base station.

  • Prosumer/SoHo 6 Line IP DECT with Fixed Line resiliency/failover
  • Hybrid DECT IP BaseStation for VoIP & PSTN calls
  • Expandable up to 6 VoIP accounts/lines
  • Advanced Multiline: up to 4 concurrent calls (1PSTN/3VoIP)
  • Expandable up to 6 DECT handsets
  • Auto-failover to PSTN in case of IP Broadband failure
  • Compatible with multiple Gigaset handsets: A510H, C300H, C610H,
  • E49H, S810H, SL400H & SL610H PRO
  • Other Gigaset handset compatibility to at least GAP standard
  • Exceptional HD audio with HDSP
  • Energy-saving & ECO DECT features
  • Multiple auto-provisioning methods: TR069, MAC address,
  • code based authentication
  • Broadsoft & Asterisk certified. Compatible with a wide range of VoIP providers & IP PBXs
  • Fully compatible with Gigaset DECT Repeaters
  • N300A IP also includes 3 Voice Mailboxes & up to 30 minutes of recording time