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Geemarc CLA3 Headset CLA3HACV2_BLK

29.23 (Ex VAT)



The Geemarc Clearsound CLA3 is a hearing aid compatible headset with microphone. It has t coil couplers in both ears for interference free connection with T-Coil hearing aids. The CLA3 has superb sound quality and an extra sensitive microphone. The CLA3 comes with a twin 3.5mm connection and a 2.5mm adaptor, so can be used with MP3 Players, DVD players, Laptops, Mobile Phones, aircraft audio systems, games consoles and many of our Clearsound range desktop phones.

  • Hearing aid compatible
  • T Coil couplers in both ears for interference-free connection with T Coil hearing aids
  • Extra high sound quality
  • Extra sensitive microphone
  • Volume control
  • Ideally suitable for high background noise environments and for handsfree use
  • Comes with a twin 3.5mm connection and with a 2.5mm adaptor for:
  • mp3 players
  • DVD players
  • CV players
  • Computers and laptops
  • Aircraft audio systems
  • Game consoles
  • mobile phones
  • ClearSound CL400, CL600, CL1400,
  • AmpliDECT models, AmpliPOWER
  • models, BDP400, CL210