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Fortune MOH 3000 Rack Mount Music on Hold MP3 Player

239.95 (Ex VAT)


**********This item has been discontinued. **************

The Fortune MOH 3000 is a Rack Mount (1U Size) MP3 Music On Hold Player that may be connected to any telephone system to play messages to callers put on hold. The Fortune MOH 3000 has a dual delivery option of SD card or Ethernet for updating the unit’s on hold audio content. Users may simply copy MP3 files into the provided SD card to play new audio content or download MP3 files into the unit via its built-in Ethernet port by connecting it to the Local Area Network (LAN).
•Add a professional touch to your telephone system •Reduces perception of time spent on hold •For a one-off charge the recording is fully licensed to you and is PRS exempt •Great advertising tool providing up to the minute communications •You can choose the script and background music, and can even audition voiceover actors
•Power Supply Through Wall Adaptor 12 V A.C; 3 W •Internal Memory 32 minutes 22 KHz, 128 kbps •SD Card 4+ Hours with 256 MB SD Card •Volume Control Provided on the front panel •Voice Output Monitoring Through telephone handset socket •Front Panel Indicators Power Link Active Lamps (LEDs) •Content updating Through LAN or USB (for SD cards)
•Mounting 19 Rack Mount (occupies 1U space) •Connection to phone system Through RCA socket to MOH port.