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Engenius EP801 Extreme Range Cordless System - Additional Handset Only

£233.95 (Ex VAT)


The Radius EP801 Extreme Range Cordless System Offers more coverage than any other consumer rated cordless telephone in Pan- Europe.Multi-functional cordless system offers walkie talkie like functionality which operates independent of the basestation. Users can take the EP801 handsets with them for a handy quick and efficient alternative to communications.The Radius EP801 will not interfere with today's wireless networks, unlike your traditional 2.4 or 5.8 Mhz models available in todays market.The Radius EP801 cordless systems can be setup in a matter of minutes for basic Extreme Range coverage.The Radius EP801 system can start out with only (1) handset and expands to (9) handsets as needed.The Radius EP801 can cover 25,000 sq. ft / 10 acres / 6 floors of penetration

•1 (pstn) Line Digital Long Range Cordless, Base w/ Dialing Keypad & Speakerphone
•Frequency band: 863~865MHz
•38 channel auto-scan
•Channel spacing: 50KHz
•Long range, default up to 2km
•Expandable handset (up to 9 handsets)
•Multi-base (up to 4 bases)
•Vibration mode
•Mono display
•LCD backlight (White)
•Display multiple language: English / French / German / Italian and Spanish
•ETSI Caller ID supported
•Call log (Dialed/Received/Missed call)
•Date/Time stamp (For Caller ID)
•Key guard
•Call timer
•50 names / number phonebook
•Handset speakerphone
•Two-way intercom
•Call hold
•Call Barring (For outgoing call)
•Call manager
•Call park
•Flash (100ms ~ 900ms)
•Redial (Last 10 calls)
•Call barring (For outgoing call)
•6 level volume control
•Feature call
•Any key answer
•Auto hang up
•Keytone volume
•Ringer volume
•Selectable ring tone (For Incoming call)
•Selectable ring tone (For intercom)
•Low battery alarm and display
•Hearing aid compatible
•External handset/base antenna
•Built-in 2.5mm headset jack
•Optional outdoor antenna ¡V sold separately
•Programmable PBX option key
•Regulatory Compliance (mandatory)