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Comvurgent XTR Digital 01 Extension Recorder

143.63 (Ex VAT)


XtR Digital Telephone Extensions Voice Recordersl, a suite of hardware and software modules that combine to offer a powerful, flexible and easily expandable Digital Call Recording solution for your business. You can start today with just a single extension of Call Recording and expand in stages with centralized recording, sophisticated reporting and agent call grading as and when your business demands, or your budget allows. XtR Professional is unique in offering a low entry level cost with sensibly priced add-on modules delivering the best value, fully digital, fully professional Call Recording solution in the industry!
•All leading PBX digital extensions supported
•Analogue and VoIP modules
•1-48 extensions modular
•Network IP RJ45 connection
•PC remote access software
•Telephone use reports li>Agent scoring and reporting software

Comvurgent XTR Digital 01 Extension Recorder Specification

The Comvurgent SD Secure Digital Telephone Call Recorder lets the user record telephone calls on a single line/telephone. It has many of the features available on advanced PC based systems and also allows transfer of recordings to a PC for playback, archive and management. It is ideal for small/home based businesses and individual users in a business/corporate environment. With over 340 hours of storage on a standard 2Gb memory card, the SD Recorder is a perfect mix of stand-alone (no PC required) functionality with convenient PC management if and when required.

Secure digital call recording
Recording time on one memory card
340 hours Caller ID, digits dialled, time, date, duration and comments stored.
Battery or mains powered Auto start/stop record using line current detect or voice detect
Supplied with XtR Desktop software for call search/playback and management on PC
Connects directly to analogue line or to digital/IP telephone handset cords
Built-in microphone for room/memo recording 102 x 64 dot LCD displays all important call information and lists recent calls
Rapid search and playback controls
Playback via built in speaker or headset socket for privacy
Security features to prevent unauthorised access Add-on Bluetooth adaptor available for recording mobile telephone calls