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ClearOne Chat 150 USB Plus

264.44 (Ex VAT)


The Chat 150 USB connects to PCs for rich, full-duplex audio communications, and can be used with VoIP softphones, web collaboration applications, instant messaging, and any other application requiring two-way audio. Featuring ClearOne's trademark audio processing performance, Chat 150 delivers unmatched full-duplex capability for crystal-clear communications. It includes three built-in microphones for full 360-degree pickup.
Noise & acoustic echo cancellation
Hands-free audio solution - offering a far superior speakerphone than built-in options on phones, PCs etc
Perfect for individual or small group use
Simple to use & install
Connects to laptops & PCs - for use with:
VoIP softphones, such as Avaya, Cisco, Nortel
- Internet telephones, such as Skype or Vonage
- Web conferencing applications, such as LiveMeeting, & WebEx
- Instant messaging with audio chat
- Audio playback with media players, such as QuickTime, RealPlayer & Windows Media Player