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Burnside T910 Follow Me GSM Gateway - Remote Programming via SMS Text

334.95 (Ex VAT)


Replaced by T940L newer version above.

Burnside T910 Follow Me GSM Gateway - Remote Programming via SMS Text Specification

You work for a small business. Like most small businesses your landline is listed in the phone book, in Yellow Pages and in trade directories. You are frequently out of the office visiting customers or travelling. So you are completely dependant on your mobile phone whilst you are out. But you don't want to reveal its number to the public because you also use it for personal calls and text messages.

So you've got a choice. You either connect an answer machine to your landline or use a voice mail service. Either method creates problems for you. You have to go back to your office to retrieve messages or even if you can pick up messages remotely most of your customers are now phoning your competitors because they can never get to speak to you.

So you decide to divert your landline calls to your mobile. The first problem is that you can only set up and change the divert on a telephone connected to your landline so you have to be in your office, the next problem is that you never remember the special set up codes, the third problem is that you have to pay a quarterly fee for the 'service' and worst of all you have to pay around 16p a minute during peak hours for the forwarded call. If your company uses a non geographic number beginning with 08 you are probably paying more than 30p per minute to have your call diverted by service provider.

On some landline networks diverted calls takes a long time go get through and some callers get so confused by the different ringing tones that they hang up thinking that they've got a wrong number.
The Solution
Here's how the Burnside Follow Me solves all of your problems.
" Using the keyboard on the office phone and the plain english menu on the Burnside you enter the number you want your calls forwarded to. When your out of the office you can send a text message from your mobile phone to your Burnside to change or cancel the number your are diverting to.
" To increase the chances of a real person anwering incoming calls you can have your office phone ring even when calls are being forwarded. This is really useful particularly if you forget that you have diverted calls from your office phone. Whoever picks up first takes the call.