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BT Paragon 650 Telephone 32116

44.51 (Ex VAT)


The Paragon 650 also has an impressive 50 calls log and has 10 last number redial. This phone is hearing aid compatible with a visual ringer indicator and adjustable ringer volume. Also included in the BT paragon 650 phone is text messaging capability, an in-built speakerphone and a SIM card reader and writer.
Digital Answering Machine
Mobile phone SIM card reader/writer
Send and receive text messages
200 Entry directory
Caller Display with 50 number calls list

BT Paragon 650 Telephone 32116 Specification

BT's Paragon 650 with 32 minute digital answering machine is the flagship Paragon product. It not only boasts the best features of the 510 and 550: 200 name and number directory protected by a non volatile memory, 4 line backlit inverse LCD display, selective group ringtones, SIM reader/writer, type 2 caller display, headset port and SMS text messaging. It also has bonus features that really make it stand out: 50 numbers call log, 10 last number redial, 32 minute recording time, timed TARM function (turn itself on and off) and a VIP feature to work with the call screening function. The BT Paragon 650 is the ultimate product for those who want the best feature set available in a BT branded SoHo corded phone.

Name & number directory - 200
Number speed dial - 3
Caller display type 2 (network restrictions apply)
Calls list (incoming) - 50 numbers
Sim card reader/writer (copy all and copy selected) Hearing aid compatible
Digital answering machine - up to 32 minutes recording time Pre-recorded male / female answer only and answer record outgoing messages (OGMs) Ability to record your own OGM
Memo facility
Female voice prompts
Selective delete
Remote Access
Private playback via handset
Speaker playback
Call screening
VIP feature to work with call screening
Timed TARM option (set to turn itself on and off) Mains supply (PSU)
Non volatile memory
Last number redial - 10
Call indicator light (red LED)
Text message indicator light (green LED)
Clock with call timer function
Dedicated BT select services button
LCD display - 4 line backlit inverse
LCD contrast control
Hands free Pause
PBX compatible with meridian options
Recall (dedicated button)
Pre-dial facility
Pulse dialling
Melody ringer tones - 5
Polyphonic ringer tones - 10
Selective group ringing tones
Ringer volume control including ‘off’
Secrecy Text messaging (network limitations apply) Speaker volume control
Touch tone dialling
Headset port (RJ11)
Access code (for use with 'redial')
Calendar and alarm
Incoming speech volume control