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Avaya 3725 IP DECT Cordless Handset MPN:700466139

162.81 (Ex VAT)


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The Avaya 3725 IP DECT Telephone has built in bluetooth support so that it's user can connect a compatible headset to the telephone. The telephone is also protected from dust and liquid allowing it to be used in harsher environments such as factories. The Avaya 3725 IP DECT Telephone has a black and white graphical user interface with four way navigation giving the user easy access to the telephone's main features. The 3725 Telephone has a hands free feature to allow it's user to use the telephone without holding it using it's loudspeaker. The Avaya 3725 IP DECT Telephone can be set to be used with up to 19 languages. The telephone can be left on standby without charging for approximately 180 hours.
Colour Display with Backlight and Icons
Loudspeaker / hands free
Built in Bluetooth 2.0, supporting the "headset" profile
Graphical user interface
19 built-in UI languages
Standby 180h, Talk Time 16h (under optimal conditions)
Bluetooth headset interface (Bluetooth 2.0, handsfree profile)
Liquid and dust protected
Multi-functional button (alarm call, answer call, etc.)
Text message support (requires AIWS, 30 messages sent/received storable, message length 160 characters)
Four way navigation key
Charger Sold Separately