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Arrow T20/25 2 In 1 Staple Gun

17.19 (Ex VAT)


T20/25 2 in 1 Staple Gun

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Arrow T20/25 2 In 1 Staple Gun

Item Code: 44561 | Manufacturer Part Number: T2025

List: £28.45 ex vat | Standard: £23.25 ex vat | Stock: 12
Price £21.39 £25.67 inc vat

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Product Description

This Arrow stapler is a dual purpose stapler for Furniture and Upholstrey

Durable chrome finish
Shoots flat crown and round crown staples
Handle lock
Easy squeeze handle
Patented jam-proof mechanism
Exclusive staple height adjus™ent guide

Arrow T20/25 2 In 1 Staple Gun Specification

Rapid Stapler 28mm 10610411

Part number: 20511701
Colour: Red
Warranty: 1 Year
Rapid's cable tackers take the trouble out of cable fixing. Offering recoilless action, the tackers are ideal for single-handed use - one hand is always free to guide the cable. A round nose at the front and cable guide at the rear hold the cable in line. The impact force is adjustable and the staples themselves have sharp points avoiding chips or splits, without puncturing the cable. R28 for low-voltage cables (max 4.5mm in diameter)

Key Features:
Rapid 28mm industrial stapler
Adjustable Impact Force