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Agent 500 Mon N/C Top Half Headset with Agent QD MPN:AG22-0064

48.95 (Ex VAT)

Bottom Cord


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Key Business Application
A single earpiece headset for medium office/call centre use.
Target Users
Ideal for busy offices where you need to be aware of what is going on around you while you're on the phone. A comfortable, adjustable headset, with high quality sound.
Product Description
The Agent 500's single earpiece allows you to talk to colleagues while you're taking calls, and it provides a clear, crisp sound through its voice tube microphone. The robust, high quality design includes microphone rotation, so you can wear the headset comfortably on either your left or right side. It also has an adjustable t-bar, microphone boom and headband to fit all head sizes.
Benefits to User
Single earpiece offering superb clarity of sound
Keep in touch with what's going on around you when you're on the phone
Flexible microphone boom, which can be adjusted to suit your preference
Quick disconnect allows you to quickly disconnect from the bottom half cable without taking off the headset
Acoustic shock protection for receiver
Anti-static shock protection for microphone