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Agent 100 Mon N/C Top Half Headset MPN:AG22-0060

31.95 (Ex VAT)

Bottom Cord


Target Users
Operatives who take frequent calls and require a comfortable, lightweight headset with great sound quality.
Product Description
The Agent 100's single earpiece delivers excellent sound quality while still allowing you to confer with those around you, so it's great for busy environments where clear communication is key. It is a hands free unit, leaving you free to type and multi-task while taking a call, and it has an adjustable headband, flexible boom and leatherette ear cushion for optimum comfort and versatility.
Benefits to Users
You can multi-task while you're on the phone
Excellent sound quality and noise cancelling microphone
Adjustable headband and flexible boom for personal comfort
Single earpiece for easy communication between operatives
Quick disconnect feature allows you to quickly disconnect from the bottom half cable, whilst still wearing the headset

This product may require a bottom cable/cord - please contact us for details.

Medium use call centre headset
Single earpiece, allowing users to confer with colleagues
Superb sound quality
Noise cancelling microphone as standard
Quick disconnect
Adjustable headband
Flexible microphone boom
Clothing clip
Supplied with a leatherette ear cushion
2 year repair/replace warranty
CE approved