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SCG-4QE 4 SIM Channel Analogue GSM Gateway

349.95 (Ex VAT)


The SCG-4QE is a 1U rackmount gateway equipped with 4 SIM modules to allow 4 simulatneous calls.
•Provides accurate reverse polarity billing signal
•Displays Caller ID
•Add prefix code automatically: The unit can be set up to add the local area code or other prefix as necessary.
•Locking wireless terminal, locking SIM card,locking service provider and locking districts (Optional)
•Parameter management:Parameters can be modified by hand via the connected Telephone
•Set up or cancel call diverting
•PBX Support
•The volume of voice: microphone volume and speaker volume can be adjusted separately
Environmental Temperature -10°C to +40°C
Relative Humidity 10% to 95%
Air Pressure 86 Kpa to 106 Kpa
Environmental Noise =60dB(A)
Working Frequency Automatically switch: GSM850Mhz /900 MHz/ 1800MHz/ 1900Mhz
Frequency Stability Better than 2.5 PPM
Signal Sensitivity -103dBM
Transmit Power <2W
Power supply AC 220V/5V
Dimension: 59×37×20 (cm) G.W.: 5.0kg