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2N EasyGate Analogue FCT with FAX capability

249.95 (Ex VAT)


EasyGate is a single-line analogue fixed cellular terminal (FCT) suitable for SMEs to reduce call costs to mobiles, send and receive SMS and GPRS Internet connection and this version has FAX capability.

2N EasyGate Analogue FCT with FAX capability Specification

EasyGate is a single-line analogue fixed cellular terminal (FCT) suitable for SMEs to reduce call costs to mobiles, send and receive SMS and GPRS Internet connection. Simultaneous calls - up to 8 SIM cards - up to 8 Scaleable from 2 to 8 GSM channels Voice & data transmission Dial-Thru or dedicated connectivity SMS message feature Baby call feature CLIP support EFR super sound voice quality Serial port for GPRS / CSD connection Mobility extension feature FXS & FXO interfaces Connects to a 2-wire analogue trunk port interface on any PABX / analogue phone line Simple, user-friendly GUI for programming and monitoring calls

2N EasyGate is a NEW type of analog GSM Gateway (Fixed Cellular Terminal) from 2N's portfolio. Because of its features it is suitable for small companies, which use it for saving costs of calls to GSM, SMS sending and GPRS Internet connection.
For medium size companies we recommend Omikron Multichannel Analog GSM gateway.

The analog 2N EasyGate gateway has been designed not only for Voice transmission between your PBX and GSM networks, but also for Data, SMS and PC Fax transmission between your PC (LAN) and GSM networks.

Using this gateway you can half your company telephone bill since all calls directed to GSM networks are routed through EasyGate and extortionate bills for the PSTN-GSM connection are avoided.

The EasyGate Gateway is not only a tool for call cost reduction as it can provide other communication solutions such as sending and receiving SMS and PC fax messages, thanks to the GPRS you can browse internet and send e-mails, thanks to the FSK feature you can see the calling party on the phone (if supported by the telephone) - all these features are supported by the 2N EasyGate GSM Gateway.

Serial port for GPRS connection enables e-mail communication, Internet browsing and PC faxes sending and receiving. These means of communication are widely used on boats and in distant areas.

Installation, supervision and maintenance are other eminences of the EasyGate GSM gateway.
In case you use prepaid SIM cards, you obtain automatically SMS message about low credit on the SIM card. Other smart feature which is highly appreciated is a periodical gateway status SMS message, which informs you about the current signal, number of calls, etc.

NEW complementary 2N product - EnergyBank - is a back-up power supply that can be used with any equipment requiring 12V supply. With this product, any 12V equipment can work for a substantially longer period of time without stable feed.

Dramatic cost reduction
2-wire, FXS interface (for analog phone or PBX CO line)
Serial port for GPRS/CSD connection and PC FAX
PC FAX sending & receiving
ETSI FSK - Calling Line Identification - you can see the calling number on your telephone display
SMS Server for SMS sending & receiving
12V power supply
Periodical Gateway Status SMS message
Automatic SMS sending activated by an external signal
SMS informing of low credit in prepaid cards
GGMC (GSM Gateway Monitoring Centre)
Baby call feature (automatic call without dialling)
Dialled number restriction, evaluation and modification
Easy & comfortable maintenance, configuration and upgrade
HW (PBXs) compatible with the EasyGate Analog GSM gateway

Cisco VG200
Alcatel 4400
Panasonic D500
Erricson MD110
Siemens HICOM 300E
Asterisk IP PBX

Case studies:

The CLI (Calling Line Identification) i shown on a connected phone set that supports the CLIP.


The CLI can also be also shown on phones connected via a PBX.


The CLI of the SIM card in the gateway can be hidden for outgoing calls.

Home office

EasyGate is a solution for voice, data and SMS communication, ideal for home offices.

Mobile office

EasyGate is also an ideal solution also for mobile offices.

SMS sending

EasyGate supports SMS sending and receiving. The 2N SMS server users can also send SMS among each other.