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2N 3G BRI Enterprise with dial through and Ethernet

999.95 (Ex VAT)


The 2N® BRI Enterprise 3G Gateway provides easy remote management and configuration possibilities thanks to an optional integrated Ethernet interface. See the Order numbers section, where gateways with Ethernet interface are also listed. A USB 1.1 port is used in this gateway instead of a traditional RS232 as it is more suitable for communication with up-to-date personal computers. DialThru technology: As the gateway consists of 2 BRI ISDN ports, it can be connected between the PSTN and your PBX - all this without the need to provide an additional BRI ISDN port in the PBX and re-programming of this. SMS sending and receiving:
With the 2N network application, the 2N® SMS server (additional software), all users connected to LAN can send & receive SMS messages from a local SMS client application. The delivery status of any message can be obtained automatically as well as using the SMS Server to send bulk SMS messages and much more. Other features: With the digital connection you can also profit from other smart features, i.e. ISDN BRI interface
GSM and UMTS support DialThru technology 2 UMTS channels Equal usage of both SIM cards if needed Powerful Least Cost Routing (LCR) CallBack SMS sending & receiving Excellent tracing possibilities High-quality voice transmission (EFR super sound) DTMF dial-in with voice messaging Call data records SMS at no answer
Routing by the B-channel used Easy and comfortable programming SMA antennas SMS Server